Helping kids be kids again

Some children struggle to fit 200 ml oral nutritional supplements (ons) into their life and, after talking to parents, dietitians and children, we realised that they needed a different kind of ons – one that was Tasty, Tiny and Fun.

Tasty, because children who don’t like the taste - or get bored of it – will struggle to drink it.1

Tiny, because even if they do like the taste, 200 ml can be too much to finish.1

Fun, because pressure to drink their ons makes it feel like a chore.1

So we created PaediaSure Compact.

We know it’s Tasty, because children have told us so.2,3

We know it’s Tiny, because it packs balanced nutrition into just 125 ml.

And we know it’s Fun, because every child on PaediaSure Compact gets their very own 'how to' manual that shows them how to turn their empty bottles into mini adventures.

Little bottles, big adventures

Watch our little adventurers turn empty bottles into cool rockets, cheeky crabs and magical castles.

PaediaSure Compact

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